Helping you to select the best straight razor

Are you tired of getting yourself into narrow scrapes in the morning? Are you tired of inconsistent and bumpy shaves that still leave whiskers on your face here and there? Are you tired of having your conscience tested every time you discard a cheap plastic disposable razor? Are you tired of cutting your face in the morning? And thus, are you tired of looking like a silly fool by the time you reach the office? And so, enough questions for now.

That’s tiresome enough as it is. The motivation is rather short. Fortunately there is enough space to leave you with just one single answer. That is all that is needed, really. It is the straight answer to giving you the best shave of your life every single morning for the rest of your good life. First make a note to follow up on some good online straight razor reviews which appear to speak from experience.  The review methodology is straight forward but it is rather effective.

It highlights a list of no more than five straight razors to help you narrow things down towards selecting the best straight razor for your straight and narrow needs. It is a helpful shopping solution because not many of you today can be expected to become fully acquainted with the old school blades that your grandfather and his local barber were using all those good old years ago. Be prepared though, to pay a pretty penny for these sharp, artistic objects.

best straight razor

But do know this; straight razors remain a cut above the rest of the supermarket rubbish you are faced with every month. Finally, here is just one hint on quality craftsmanship. When selecting your first blade, go German.